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Day 85, Wondering Where COB Speicher?

Its true. It looks like I am heading to Iraq for part II. I found this video on YOUTUBE that is funny, and is the actual place that I am going downrange. For those of us who have actually seen Iraq, this is pretty stink'n accurate of those FOB's that you long to go to, but never got the chance. Well, this time CH Craven is heading to COB Speicher! (well, atleast I think I am. ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.)

Day 85, Not Your Grand-Dads Army.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I did a single soldiers retreat down in Bavaria/Edelweiss. It was another learning experience for me. In the midst of the normal 'taking care of soldiers', I made an observation that may or may not be the complete normal of the Army culture, but definitely was for the group that attended the event.

-Out of the 46 that attended the event, over 95% of them were wearing black or dark t-shirts. Of course, the overwhelming majority of them also have tattoos as well.

-After discussing values of marriage, the overwhelming majority saw: (1) Family History of your spouse, (2) their personal values/beliefs, as not truly contributing factors on whether or not their relationship was compatible.

-Upon dismissing them from most of my sessions, a small majority of them would actually go experience the ALPs, while the rest would have no problem with traversing the 2 mile walk downtown to bars and strip-clubs.

-There was absolutely no talking on the …