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Infertility and Why Husbands Should Lead in Comforting and Counsel.

The Introduction:             Theological precision has its rightful place, and with equal footing, the serving of these truths must be compassionately timed, especially within intimate relationships. Eclipsed by my own pride and ignorance, I stumbled in this area many times early during my marriage. Desperately wanting to convey Godly leadership within my family, I found myself weighing every conversation to guard against baneful theological regurgitation and the impact it might havewithout thoughtful consideration. Oftentimes I would be paralyzed by own frustrations and excuses. On one hand never fully trusting the Lord to give wisdom on certain situations and on the other hand never truly knowing how or when to present what I believed to be the woman I loved.This became fully realized on an autumn morning during our first year of marriage. A chilling wind rushed into our lives in August, which left me staggering for theological balance.I received a call in my office to come to where…