Day 68, A Landmark Day.

About 365 days ago, I was sitting at FOB Falcon in Baghdad, Iraq working of filling out one of the first forms in our adoption. I remember walking to the Chow hall talking to some guys trying to explain that Jessica and I had finally made the first real decision and now it was going to be a long haul before we see some major results.

Not to get your hopes up, we did not get a child just yet, but we are definitely at a point in the adoption that needs some celebration. At 0800 this morning, our profile is officially posted at our Adoption Agency Web site, which is where mothers can view our family profile.

This sets into motion a major thing for us. For right now, this very hour, we could be receiving a phone call that would revolutionize our family. Within a short period of time today to about 4 months (estimate) we should be matched and possibly flying back to the states to hold the new Craven. How cool is that?

Celebrate with us.

Also join us in beginning to pray for Jessica and I as we begin to pray for the spiritual aspects of parenting and fostering a child in the way of the Lord, in hopes that God would grant our child faith unto salvation. Adoption parallels so closely the doctrine of election, it just forces me to my knees already for my children. By His Grace, we pray that we can see not only 'birth', but 're-birth' in our children.

Search families for us at :www.americanadoptions.com. For us, you might get a snicker at our goofy photos, and you might get a burden to adopt....be careful. ahhahaha.


  1. I was able to lead my 9 year old daughter (7 at the time) in the sinners prayer and toward salvation. It was an amazing moment that no one can take away from me - ever.

    Robert Cowart

  2. Yay!!!! Sooo happy to read this today! I've been praying for you guys and thinking about you a lot. And get this, right now, as I'm sitting here typing, my son is beside me coloring. Amazing. God is amazing.

    I just finished a post on our blog like five minutes ago about something you touched on. About whether adoption is "meant to be"...and how that believing in the doctrines of grace, I can see the means to an end. I don't think God caused the terrible things that happened to happen to Joel's mom just so that we could adopt him...but I do pray and trust that it is a piece of God's provision in setting Joel in a family that will raise him to learn of the God of the Bible. Not the American God. But I AM. So wonderful that the Scriptures tell us of our own adoption, as SONS, no less!

    Celebrating with you today!

  3. Dude that is awesome.

  4. John & Jessica - What an exciting time for you guys. I know that any baby you get will experience a love that cannot be realized.
    I pray that it won't be long until your dreams of family are just beginning. You will be wonderful parents and God will be glorified by your actions. Love you - Hannah

  5. That's great news. Congratulations! And looking forward to more good news to come.