Day 47, Challenge to All Married Men.

I am 34 years old, currently. Since the age of 15 years old, I have driven pretty regularly. My first vehicle was a 1973 Ford F-100, basically a farm truck that we fixed up to suffice my teenage desires to have a 'cool' vehicle. My senior year of High School, I purchased (with the aide of my aunt) a 1992 Sunbird, the dreaded teal that was in style during the early 90's. It served well through my college years, and later on in 2000, I purchased my first New Volkswagen Jetta, TDI. Without any doubt, my favorite car. To wrap up my vehicle buys, Jessica and I sold our cars when we came to Germany, under some poor information flow that our cars weren't ready for the Autobahn,...yet as we arrived we bought a 2008 4x4 Explorer. A very nice ride for the often icy terrain that we experience here in Baumholder.

Now, I say all this to put forward my driving record.
Since the age of 16:

1. 1 Ticket in the Black Truck, for rolling through a stop sign (due to no power steering). (1992)
2. Bumped a lady on HWY 78, at the K-mart intersection in front of South Gwinnett High School, 1994. (she hit the brakes, and put it in reverse in an intersection!!)
3. 1 Ticket in my Teal Sunbird, excessive speeding (I passed a Campus Cop in a merging lane and made him mad,...long story). (1995)
4. 1 Speeding Ticket 2000, in a rental van trying to catch a speeding Singles Pastor who had the map, that I didn't have in my vehicle.

THAT IS IT. Yes, an absolutely clean driving record now for nearly 10 years.

On the other hand,my loving wife, with her verbal permission, I can say does not have the stellar achievement:

Since 2005 (our wedding),
1. Three minor wrecks with inanimate objects, Later 2005, March 2008, and December 2008.
2. One speeding Ticket on Gillom Hill, a common speed trap in Barbourville, KY. 2005.
3. Currently awaiting the Germany, mail-prize for getting the FLASH of a traffic camera,on the autobahn.

What's the bottomline:
Ok. This is not a slam on my wife's ability to circumvent rocks, guard rails, or buildings. Ok, it might be. YET, here's my question: What is the proper response when they come in with tears in their eyes or a shaky voice over the phone saying that they have wrecked the vehicle? Or I think I got a ticket today? There's the right response that wants to ask, "Are you ok?"; second, "Is the car drivable?"; BUT SERIOUSLY,...what is the response? You can't bring her home ground her, or send her to bed with no dinner...or take the keys away?

So, my solution: Blog about it. And Yes, Jessica knows. I asked, she laughed and said...you better write something funny, your blog is been really dry & heavy lately (with a smirk).

So, here' to you my wreckless Euro driver!

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  1. OK, Once you know that no one is hurt,just say "ok". Then later on, use the memory to your advantage at an opportune time.