Day 82, Mondays: LOL.

There are a few things that make me laugh out loud. A couple of TV shows, Heidi's antics, Jessica's story-telling...etc. But there is nothing better than having one of those belly laughing moments when you are really needing to just laugh. Laughing is a lot like crying, everyone needs a good one every now and then.

So, in light of this thought, I will dedicate my MONDAY EDITIONS to LOL. Things that make me laugh. It might be a joke or two or just a goofy YouTube video, but either way, enjoy.

Things That Make Me LOL.
THIS WEEK: Charlie the Unicorn

While we have been in the field training, I have had the strong desire to be serious about my work. Going to ranges and seeing soldiers takes up a majority of my time. Later in the evenings, as I have mentioned earlier I space out for just a few minutes and watch a couple of goofy YouTube videos between the meetings.  I stumbled across this, which is quite senseless and stupid...but after 30 days w/o your wife...you do start slowly losing your mind.


  1. What?! I could only stand the first 10 seconds of this. You will have to give me a re cap when you come home.

  2. Shun the unbeliever... Shun, Shun... Shun.

  3. join the cult...I mean club of charlie

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xLRQohZtuo

    here's a funny one for this monday. No peeping till monday!