Day 58, Recovering and Sour Milk.

After several days of being away from the Ole Blogger, I am getting back in the saddle again. Jessica's surgery is over and she is healing wonderfully. Although, I have seen that she has learned that if she 'looks' like she is in pain, I will just about stop anything I am doing to tend to her beckoning call. Yet, after the third or fourth trip to the kitchen for a spoon, bedroom for a book, office for the lappy,...I have noticed that these ailments generally disappear in the presences of a certain niece of ours calling on Skype. At the sound of Skype ringing, my wife miraculously can leap to her feet, dart through the halls effortlessly,...point click, situate, and watch on web cam our niece, Hannah. I typically, stand utterly amazed, as once she is seated enjoying the show, I scratch my head and wonder from whence did this vivacious woman arise? Nothing short of a miracle, I suppose.

Furthermore I have just about finished my commentary on the book of Nehemiah for Lifeway, which leads me to my next comment. Writing is very laborious, if done correctly. Therefore, after researching, proofing, writing, editing, and then rereading my creative garbled pseudo-scholarly work...I am empty for the blogging world. This became very evident after 2 weeks of working feverishly on this Commentary. Blogging, although quite enjoyable, was almost like flossing my teeth (which I detest with a passion).

Now, a couple weeks have passed and several general rules of life have etched into my brain, which leaves me quite excited for this week of blogging. I suppose a 'vacation' can do that. Everything to my souring milk in my 'frothing' machine to listening to John Piper while I was working out....we have much to talk about.

Bottomline: Get back in the Saddle. Do what God has called you to do. Quit making excuses, jump in...and find what true joy awaits you. OH, and Tim Wixon and Randy Dobson,...you guys are my heros.

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  1. John
    I don't know about being anyone's hero. I could name off a few heroes of the bible. Moses being my favorite. I think that God puts us in places that we need to be in. I also think that God puts people in our paths that need to be there. Either to help us or for us to help. We can learn from each other. I will never forget how you and Danny brought God back into my life and for that I will always have a special place in my heart for the Craven family and your endeavors. It has blatantly apparent to me this morning that I need to hurry up and deploy and retire. The Army has a new PT program out and I am not a happy camper with it. It is not about the PT. It is about the way it is conducted at the position of attention. I would guess motivation and unit cohesion are things of the past. Well at any rate I am sure that God has and will have a plan for me on the civilian side of things. This old commo dog does not want to learn these new Army PT tricks.