Day 60, Harmonizing and Being Authentic

Today, I stood in front of a Chapel of people to give the announcements and other small Chaplain like duties. Instead of prayerfully considering what was going on around me, I began to day dream about this thought. What if these people are reading my blog or my journal or they see me at my house or they have coffee with me at the CMR or see me at a Command Staff Meeting or play XBOX with me online?


Does the John Craven that blogs about pooping/Jenny McCarthy/Adoption and other very obscure topics, harmonize with the John Craven that loves expositional preaching, John Owen, smoking a Pipe? Is this John Craven who loves to pet Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, be the same one that counsels marriages?

I recognize we all have very different places we live and work. I am not talking about those differences. I am talking about a almost schizophrenia lifestyle that is created by the almost endless mediums one communicates in throughout the day. My greatest desire is that this person, John Craven, is not just the same,...but is portraying the genuine love of Christ.

Bottomline:Christ throughout his life never shows a Jekyll and Hyde idea. The guy whipping in the temple was the same guy forgiving a thief as his own blood dried on nails driven through his wrist. Jesus was the same yesterday today and forever. Therefore, does my facebook status that changes often reflect the consistency of my Savior...or do I reflect the same ebb and flow of a world that does not truly find their satisfaction in Him.

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  1. John
    As for me, I would rather have an honest and faithful Chaplain. Be the same no matter where you are at. Not that change is bad, but if you are going to evolve; evolve for the love of Christ. As for me, what you see is what you get, I am working on being good but it comes with a bunch of effort. I have to keep the love of Christ first and foremost in my life. All these other folks and issues are second. Even our spouses and family. Finding the balance is the key. Pray for me and I will pray for you. That we find our true self and stick with it. I think that we will be definitely better men for it.
    In Christ's Love