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Day 21, Why Music Matters?

Ok, I have an Ipod with a ridiculous amount of songs on it. It goes with me to work and working out. Yet, although I like to consider myself an up to date Christian Music guy, I have found the last ten years quite unproductive in many of the albums that I have purchased on Itunes. I might have high standards, I have decided. Here are some of my reasons I don't like most contemporary Christian songs:

My reasons:
1. The lyrics sound like a 80's love ballad by Chicago.
2. Talk a lot about God, but very little about the work of Christ.
3. When they talk about Jesus, he sounds like a guy who's locker is next to yours.
4. The music itself is cheeze, and I really think typifies our generation of 'lack there of' in any artistic skill.
5. Super-Chic. (enough said)

Ok. I will stop with the negativity. There is a reasonable amount that is halfway decent. Over the last 5 years, I have been listening to Sovereign Grace and Indelible Grace music. I am convinced, that they don't have the greatest 'voices', but heck they atleast don't go down the 'easy-listening' super repeating chorus track trail.

Sovereign Grace and Indelible Grace bring to the table: Thoughtful doctrinal anthems, creedal/hymnal themes that I think cause you to think more Biblically than just marshmallow brain teenage pop crap. I think music does matter. And in the short period of time that I have in my car, since I joined the Army, I value each selection to and from PT or PX.

Keep Listening...but what are you listening to?


  1. I don't suppose you've heard of Michael Card or Andrew Peterson? M. Card is a hero of mine, and his lyricism and composition are both incredible. As a case in point, I'd recommend "The Ancient Faith" or, if you don't mind a little falsetto, "The Life." One is a two-disc set covering the whole OT, including songs on each of the Pentateuch, Patriarchs, categories of writing, etc. The latter is a two-disc set on Jesus, and it is indeed glorious. I also love "Unveiled Hope" on Revelation... and basically everything else he's ever written.

    A. Peterson is his own man, musically, but it's easy to see M. Card's influence on him. His music also varies, but it's all quite encouraging and packed w/ imagery that you won't find anywhere else... nods to Tolkien, Lewis, boyhood, etc. I suspect you'd really like it.

    I also really like Casting Crowns. Each of their albums have about 5 - 6 songs that I listen to on repeat for weeks after purchasing. They're more popular, but their lyrics are no less insightful, esp. on songs like "Every Man," "Slow Fade," "The Word is Alive," "Set Me Free," etc. I'd recommend any of their albums, and while I listen to the whole albums, about half the songs on each are noticeably better than the others.

    I'm also still a die hard Five Iron Frenzy fan. They pick up themes of the new birth like no one else in songs like "Every New Day" and my absolute favorite, "On Distant Shores." I also still listen to my Smalltown Poets CDs... got 'em all off for way cheap, and they're very artful and a little rock-y.

    Let's see... other regular fare includes tunes from Third Day (some great songs about Christ and the cross), Waterdeep (Everyone's Beautiful), The Benjamin Gate, etc.

    When it comes to Christian music that explores angst, depression, and frustration, I'm hard pressed. For a while, Chevelle (not a Christian band, probably my fav. in the rock genre) was that for me, and frankly, it was their music that opened the floodgates for me to deal with a severe bout of spiritual depression on my face before the Lord. Project 86 comes close, as do Blindside and Thousand Foot Krutch. TFK has a much wider range, but I definitely prefer their harder tunes.

    There are others in iTunes, but these are who I regularly listen to. I'm a programmer by day, so I'm at the computer 8 - 10 hours for work... rocking out sees me through, and more than once, Michael Card has caused my soul to stir even as I push out code...

    And with that, it's back to the code!

  2. A newly discovered favorite for me is the Chrsitian rapper Lecrae. His lyrics are hard-core biblical; I don't know what good rap sounds like, but I like his sound. It's good work-out music, too. He's coming to Union for homecoming this week. I'm super pumped!!!!
    Some song faves include: Send Me, The Bride, Joyful Noise (with FLAME), and Beautiful Feet. Enjoy =)


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