Day 5, The Scarlet Red Letter, "A" : Adoption

Not many years ago, the church that I worked for placed out 3500+ crosses in the front yard of their church to represent the daily abortions that occur in the United States. It was very humbling on that Sunday to drive up to the church, or drive by during that week and see that massive cemetery.

I even took the time during my seminary years to write and research my personal view on abortion and 'what happens when infants die' in relationship to my view of predestination and Reformed Theology. It broke my heart to hear of all these deaths, and I had no answer in my early years of ministry to help students, (Yes, I said students.)

It was not until my wife and I got to our first church that a young lady was discussing adoption, that something changed in our perspective. She said that, if you support a Pro-Life agenda it will manifest itself fully in a Pr0-Adoption agenda. (Basically, you can't stand against a abortion, while never saying anything about adoption.)

Keenly observe your local church this January, or heck this week. Listen to the rhetoric regarding Pro-Life, Roe. v. Wade, ...but do you hear anything about how to aide the parents who are willing to NOT to go ahead with the Abortion? Do we have anything in place for the families who would be willing to take the 'saved' child in?

Sadly the answer is, no. There are exceptions, but they are few and far between.

Here's my soap box:
Talk to many people regarding the SCARLET A, "adoption" ,and you will hear primarily about orphanages and recent mission trips.

The question to you Christians is, would you be willing to adopt? Would the church be willing to take on agenda that would be PRO-ADOPTION? Would you change the picketing line fund in the church budget to include a scholarship for those adopting? Does anyone on your staff know anything about how to refer or get into with the local Christian adoption agency? Take the money and time spent this year to show your outrage, and place it toward adoption.

Do you take a balanced approach to adoption and abortion?
Think about it.


  1. Very good point Craven! I remember the crosses, what a great visual they were to keep us ever mindful.
    Many people are "outraged" about so many things because they can be yet have not truly thought through the process of finding a solution. By not thinking through the entire process we end up with a partial knowledge of a problem and can't possibly solve them only knowing part. Adoption is normally very expensive and many parents who are willing to adopt can't because of this. Sounds like we need to put our money where our mouths are huh!?

  2. Hey John! I am proud to say that YES, if asked about adoption, our church would know with whom to talk. Keep up the good work brother!

  3. Yes, Kam and Jason actually adopted a boy from Thailand...and yes, Jimmy Wilson has an adopted daughter. FYI...this is something that Mattie and I have talked about (yet, she isn't old enough)! :)