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Julie and Julia: A Blogger's Dream Come True.

I admit, I was not so excited about the idea of paying 14.50 euros to go see a movie that centered around Julia Child, a cookbook, and a blogger (Julie). With my Fanta and Gross (large) Popcorn, I sat down beside my poised wife.

As expected the movie bounced from Julia Child in her early years preparing her cookbook to Julie in challenging herself with the daunting task of cooking every recipe from the cookbook in a single year. Thus, the plot: 365 days of cooking, for 123 mins.

Yet, I noticed a bizarre desire in my life begin to creep up my neck. A desire to go from bush-league writing and blogging to the top, a book actually published. Dare say, that as the movie progressed it seemed that the cooking and recipes only took a secondary part as the 'publishing' became the overarching theme of the movie.

I could feel it happen, my own creativity began to swim as I sipped on the last bit of Fanta, eyed my wive's half full glass. My mind wondered, "What splendid adventure could I embark on, that would capture the world's attention?" "What story?" "What keen insight do I have?"...By the time the ending credits were scrolling, as Julia Child opens her paper wrapped 1st Edition,...I thought...and thought.

What do I bring to the table? I am not a published scholar or writer.

I do have one thing: Desire.

Therefore, as most quiver at this notion of beginning a endeavor that may find itself soaring only on the wings of electrons.

Here's my blogging Challenge:
365 Days of Me. (unplugged, kitchen table conversation)

Let the Dream Begin.


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